The threat calls that you should block immediately when you are alone at home


Telemarketers are harassing people with robocalls for a long time now. Although, there are different types of robocalls that annoy people every day, there are some which are actually dangerous for your home’s security. Yes, you have guessed it right! These are robocalls that offer free home security systems to homeowners. Most people know that there’s nothing like a “free lunch” and that there is always a catch behind these offers, but these robocalls are still able to entice some people who are not aware of the dangers of these fraudulent calls.

What are the dangers of home security robocalls?

If you get a call telling you that you can Get a Home Security System for Free, by just putting up a sign outside your home, you should know that it’s a scam. These automated calls are not from real home security companies. Rather, these are some scammers looking for naïve homeowners who may fall for their tricks. If a homeowner agrees to have a free home security system installed from robocallers, it could lead to a big loss.

The companies behind such calls may have nefarious designs for you and your property.  This free home security offer could cost you a lot. These fraudulent companies can find your personal information and details about your home, while installing a home security system there. This information may then be used to burglarize your house and steal your possessions, not to mention the potential physical and psychological harm caused to you and your family.

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How can you stop these fraudulent robocalls?

Many people who get robocalls simply hang up to save their time and discourage robocallers from calling them. While it is a good strategy to not respond to these robocallers by hanging up immediately, there are other and better ways to rid yourself of these annoying and potentially fraudulent automated calls. Here are a few tips to avoid robocalls.

  1. Don’t give out your number

When you give your personal number to a business or company, they are more likely to call you by using automated systems. Other than that, your number could be sold to a third party. When third party companies get access to your number, you can get robocalls of all kinds, including the fraudulent ones. 

  1. Don’t sign the terms and conditions without reading them

If you’re signing terms and conditions with a business while buying a product or service, make sure that you read them thoroughly. As they say, the devil is in the detail. In those terms and conditions, there might be a clause giving that company the permission to call you and market their products. Avoid robocalls as much as you can!

  1. Tell companies to just stop calling you

If you have agreed to robocalls by mistake, make sure you tell the company to stop them as soon as possible. However, if an unknown company keeps calling you; no need to complain to them or contact them in anyway. This is because, any kind of response makes them aware that your phone number is active and they might start marketing their products even more vigorously.  Only stop the company from calling, if you know the company and have interacted with it before.

  1. Sign up for Do Not Call Registry

It’s free! The registry consists of phone numbers that the telemarketers are not allowed to call.  Once you sign up for it, you can get rid of illegal robocalls. The registry applies to both cell phones and landlines. To register your phone number, visit

  1. Complain to the authorities

Even after signing up with Do Not Call Registry, if you keep getting robocalls, you need to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It may take long to get rid of these robocalls but the FTC does investigate these cases and tries to solve the problem faced by homeowners. If you are getting calls from a number that cannot be identified, you should let the Better Business Bureau know about it.

  1. Get a free service to block robocalls

There are some free services available where you can register to get rid of robocalls. You need to give information about your carrier and email address and an algorithm blocks robocalls. With this free service, your phone might ring once, the caller will be identified and the robocaller will hang up.

Scams and break-ins are very common but ultimately the security of your home is in your own hands. Only Go for Reliable Home Security Systems and never fall for those robocalls that offer you free home security systems. Ultimately, you have the power to keep your family and home safe.