How to use security systems to spy on your babysitter


The thought of leaving your child in the hands of a stranger can be nerve-racking. So you had to hire a babysitter due to your work schedule? No big deal! Hiring a babysitter doesn’t have to mean anxiety and panic attack anymore. After all, babysitters are expected to take care of a child, with love and affection, attend to their needs, and ultimately give you a piece of mind that your most “prized possession”, your baby, is in safe hands.

However, the serious issue of child abuse and neglect can’t be overlooked. As a parent, be vigilant, and look out for warning signs such as the following:

  • Your baby seems scared of the babysitter
  • Change in your child’s behavior
  • You suspect your babysitter is not being honest
  • Frequent accidents and signs/marks of physical torture
  • Your GUT feeling!
  • Things go missing (jewelry, money, etc)

In such cases, what do you do? Spy on your babysitter! In other words, set up security devices such as cams and audio recorders to catch any foul play that takes place while you are away.

Steps to Take:

Install a Nanny Cam

Nanny cams are one of the most popular gadgets around. Nanny cams come in all shapes and sizes. The basic purpose of the camera is to capture and record videos, letting you replay the video later on. You can opt for a wired camera that connects to your main security system, or a wireless camera that uses signals to transfer data wirelessly to a receiver or recorder.

You can place a nanny cam anywhere around the house, and even in multiple areas. Battery time, high definition images, rechargeable battery, self-installation, and cost are a few features to check when purchasing a nanny cam. Some cameras also allow remote streaming, which means you can peak into your home via video camera while at work.

Audio Recorders

Audio recorders are smart little gadgets that capture sound. Usually, an audio recorder will be small in size, making it easy to hide or place around the house. The sound of your babysitter yelling, shouting, and your baby crying will be recorded. Before purchasing an audio recorder, make sure you check the battery time of the device.

Surprise Visit

Make use of the lunch break and come home for a short while to check on your baby and babysitter.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Always let your trustworthy neighbors know that you have hired a babysitter. Neighbors can keep an eye out for any unusual activity. Tell your neighbors to call you if they suspect something unusual.

Remote Access Web Cam

If you have a computer or a laptop in your baby’s room, you can access the computer’s web cam remotely. Many web cams come with remote-access features. You may need to install an application for this. Make sure you research well before purchasing any web cam or live streaming app.

Many parents face the moral dilemma of spying on their babysitter. While trust is an important factor between you and your babysitter, so is your child’s well-being. Installing a nanny cam is not illegal. You can also inform your babysitter of hidden cameras around the house.

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