Women living home alone, How to Protect against Intruders

The growing popularity of “solo living” is changing the dynamics of our society. Did you know that over 51% of females are living alone in the Unites States? An article published by the New York Times says that a majority of women now prefer to live alone, and are less dependent on others. Strong, independent, […]

Is a Cheap Home Security System Really Sufficient to Prevent a Burglary

The year 2010 saw 2,159,878 burglaries in the United States according to data provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Burglaries increased by 2% between 2001 and 2010 and accounted for nearly 23.8% of property crimes committed in 2010. With statistics as alarming as these, you should be spending thousands of dollars on crime prevention […]

Would Home Security Systems be a Good Replacement for owning Gun

Ask any homeowner and they’ll tell you that at the top of their list of concerns is the safety and protection of their property and loved ones. Property related crimes, irrespective of the fluctuations in their statistical likelihood of occurrence, are an unfortunate reality. Since there is no foolproof way to prevent these crimes from […]

Tips regarding Home Security System Contracts

The urge to use newly bought electronic gadget has given adrenaline rush to many. While there is nothing wrong in being excited about the new product in hand, the down side of it all is the signature made in haste on the dotted line. Many new home security systems buyers simply sign on the dotted […]

What Information Is Most Important When Shopping For A Home Security System/Provider?

Home security is an essential aspect of a safe and secure home. When shopping for a home security system or provider, there are a number of different conditions to keep in mind. However, the precise set of information that is most important for you, your family, and your home with regards to home security will […]

What Do Police Officers Think About Subscription-Based Home Security Systems

Burglaries and break-ins have become a common occurrence in the US. Homeowners, renters, and even apartment dwellers are at the risk of being burglarized. In 2013, over 8,000,000 property crimes occurred (FBI Statistics). This figure may seem frightening, but the purpose is to shed light on the ever-increasing risk of being a victim to property […]

Do Home Security Systems Actually Prevent Crime

Many people want to know how effective a home security system will be before installing it. Why? Because it is an investment of your hard earned money, and you want to get the most out of it. After all, what’s the point of having a security system if a burglar can still get in, right? […]

Baltimore riots worsen, prompting state of emergency: Is the government protecting you?

baltimore riots worsen prompting state of emergency
Fifteen police officers were injured in the riots on Monday, according to the Baltimore police chief of patrol. Two of these remain hospitalized while others have been treated and released. Most of these were injured due to the flying debris, according to the chief of patrol. And that is not all. Monday night saw an […]

Where To Install A Panic Button In Your Home In Case Of Emergencies

We’re going to explore what panic buttons are, what purposes they’re intended to serve, and how you can make the most out of Installing Panic Buttons in Your Home.   Panic buttons – An introduction Panic buttons are, as the name suggests, buttons. They are usually bright red in color and are meant to be […]

10 Home Security Tips For New Parents

Bringing a new baby home is an exciting time for new parents. Before bringing your new bundle of joy home, it is imperative that you make sure your home is baby-proofed. This means taking all steps necessary to make your home a safe environment for the little one. We have compiled a list of tips […]

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