Picking Up The Pieces After A Burglary What Should You Do

You come home to find your home ransacked by a burglar. Now what? You feel violated, scared, and confused. A burglary can take a toll on you both financially and psychologically. Not only is it difficult to get over the fact that the burglar took off with some of your most valuable things, but the […]

Are Smartphone Controlled Door Locks An Open Invitation For Tech Savvy Criminals?

Smartphone Controlled Security Systems are making waves in the security industry. Imagine coming home after a long day’s work, you enter the driveway, push a button on your phone, and the garage door opens! Home automation is revolutionizing the way we use devices at home and our environment. From opening door locks to turning on […]

Are Cctv Cameras Installed For Security Or For The Surveillance Of The People

CCTV cameras otherwise known as Closed Circuit Television cameras are designed for the purpose of surveillance. They are installed at various advantageous locations in the hopes of deterring crime and protecting and promoting the safety of individuals and property. The use of CCTV cameras, however, has proved to be controversial. There are many who feel […]

What Age Groups are more Interested in Home Security Systems

Would you believe that in 65% of the burglaries that took place between 2003 and 2007, offenders were known to their victims? That means,  majority of the time, the threat comes from places and people that you least expect it from.  Are you sufficiently prepared to deal with such threats? What is sufficient preparation, you […]

How To Keep Your Home Safe In Winter

We all know how important it is to take measures to keep our homes safe. The four walls that surround you and the roof over your head serve to protect you.  In turn, we have to take steps to ensure that our protective encasing stays in good shape. Depending on where you live, you might […]

What Is The Best Home Security Checklist

The issue of home security and its importance cannot be stressed enough. Sure, you may live in an idyllic neighborhood with hedge lined sidewalks and smiling neighbors. You may catch yourself thinking that home security is an issue which doesn’t apply to you. You’d be wrong in thinking along those lines though. Crime can occur […]

How to use security systems to spy on your babysitter

The thought of leaving your child in the hands of a stranger can be nerve-racking. So you had to hire a babysitter due to your work schedule? No big deal! Hiring a babysitter doesn’t have to mean anxiety and panic attack anymore. After all, babysitters are expected to take care of a child, with love […]

Things to Check Before Signing a Home Security Contract

Finally, you have decided to install a home security system. Whether its fear of being burglarized, or you have been an unfortunate victim of a burglary, your reason for investing in a security system is justified. With so many home security companies out there, it could be very tricky choosing the right service provider. Getting […]

Personal Tips to Secure online Information

The Internet is Not a Secure Place on which to store your personal information; it is a vast and unchartered realm. There are a number of unsecure pathways and a plethora of highway hackers waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. When using the internet, especially where personal information is involved, it is important to take […]

Teach Children How to Work your home security system

Home security systems are an important tool to help keep you and your family safe. It is vital that all individuals residing within your home have a sound understanding of the system and all of its features, etc. Incidences of property related crimes are very common in most towns and cities. Furthermore, with most households […]

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